Genetic Testing

The company I use for Genetic testing is called Genesight. They give objective, scientific information individualized to your treatment. Genetic testing shows
inherited genetic variation that may not be predictable without testing.

The testing helps me choose medications that are easier for your body to breakdown, depending on your genetics. Multiple clinical studies show that when providers use gene testing patients are twice as likely to get on the right medication, with potentially fewer side effects.

A simple cheek swab is taken in my office with a Q-tip and mailed to the lab. In about one week we will know what medicines are best for you for depression, mood stabilization or attention deficit. I can also test for a deficiency in the enzyme that breaks down folic acid, which is important in making neurotransmitters, which subsequently has an effect on mood.

Please ask me at your appointment if this is something you are interested in. For more information on Genesight click the image below: